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From records, it has been observed that people are naturally drawn to shirts that are customized with their images or that of the person they know.

Having t-shirt customized with your products is one major way through which you can move your products ahead, get people to know more about what you do and get them start talking about your brand.

Even though some people might not really buy the idea of printing customized t-shirts and giving to people but it really works and draws more customers.

Consider a situation where different companies gathered for an event or conference and your company appears with their customized t-shirt with the company's name and logo. This will actually make your company stand out among numerous companies present. Some out of curiosity might come to ask questions about what you do and stuff like that and from there you get more publicity.

Once you give out some t-shirts to some of your fans and customers others might come back to buy and from there, your product is promoted. People that get it can travel with it outside of that environment and as they wear it, people come to know more about the product. If you then add a phone number to it, you might begin to get calls from people that are interested in your product. With this, you have succeeded in marketing your product with just that t-shirt even when you have not reached there physically.



Why is Marketing Very Essential in Business

The spirit of every business is marketing. This can come in different forms like sales, advertisement, social media, etc. They all work together to make the business grow well. Marketing is the backbone of every business; once the backbone is broken, the business crumbles. The more your fans get to know your product, the more they will be motivated to do business with you. The customized t-shirt is an extra way you can market your product and get more people to know about it.

We can all agree that marketing is one area we cannot overlook in promoting business. Having established this, let us now see how a t-shirt can help you in achieving this.

Advantages of Customized T-Shirts


Walking Billboards – Billboards help to promote business greatly and get more people talking about it.

In the same way, a t-shirt can be seen as a walking billboard because people tend to read the inscription you have on the t-shirts as you wear them around. It passes the same message billboards pass and one beautiful thing about it is that it is very much cheaper than the billboards.

Makes Your Business More Visible – it creates visibility for your product in the marketplace at a very minimal cost. It catches people's attention and creates a kind of thought that would not be easily forgotten in their minds.

Makes Your Business Unique – Anyone that glances at your products in t-shirts will never look down on your company. It places the company on a very high level and makes them stand out among their equals.

It is Cost Effective: This is the cheapest means of creating awareness for your business. The cost of printing on t-shirts can never be compared with the amount you would spend on other adverts like radio broadcasts and stuff like that. All you need is a very good artwork that will draw people's attention to your product. A very well-designed logo that will create a unique impression about your business. So it is good to make use of this avenue to get the best promotion for your business.

How You Can Efficiently Use Customized T-Shirt To Promote Your Business

Share to Fans and Customers: You can just share some of the t-shirts in an event or gathering or you can even use it as a gift for people that bought your products. This way they help to market your products as they wear them. This even goes far than you can market because wherever they wear it to, it speaks to people there.

Share on Social Media: The customized t-shirts can be posted on LinkedIn, facebook and twitter. This gets more people aware of your business and also attracts their friends. One thing about social media is that it spreads easily so you will get more promotion and some will begin to contact you.

Wear It Yourself: When you put on the customized t-shirt of your company with the logo and the products, people would draw closer to you to ask questions about your product and from there, you can advertise and tell them more about your products. People that see your logo and products on a t-shirt will be able to remember it for a long time more than those that just read a text about it. This is because visuals last more in human mind than any other thing.

Add Your Mission Statement: This alone is enough to make some people curious about the whole thing. It is a very powerful way to engage people in discussing your product. Although some people might just ignore it without drawing close to know about the product, that shouldn't bother you.

Ways To Make Your T-Shirt Design Great

If the design you have on your t-shirt is not appealing to people, surely, it would be difficult to get them talking about your product. It is necessary to have a very good design and below is listed ways you can make your design great.

Make the logo size visible enough for people to see, even from afar.

Add a captivating mission statement, bold enough to be read within 5 seconds.

Don't go for a cheap t-shirt so that people will enjoy wearing it.

Don't add any image that is not related to your product.

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